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Tobin Ludwig


It is important for individuals to have a safe place to explore themselves without judgment. Counseling allows a person to work through past traumas, identify present stressors, and implement plans to increase quality of life for the future. Counseling is molded around the life goals of the individual. Mental wellness and inner peace is in the hands of each individual, however sometimes it takes the guidance of a professional to find that peace within ourselves. The relationship built, and techniques used are proven to increase quality of life in those suffering from emotional and cognitive (thinking) disturbances.

It is no secret that any path of progress takes work. If you are seeking the help of a professional, then you have taken the first step. I will not promise an easy road, but I will promise a partnership that is based on your vision of the future self you’re working to build. Whether that vision pertains to only yourself or an improved personal relationship, it can be positively impacted through counseling. The negative stigma related to helping professions, separates our community from the resources that will assist us in thriving instead of living day to day. It is necessary to change our perceptions, if we want to change our outcomes.