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Family Counseling

Let Intellection Counselors help you and your partner
build a healthy future

Is your family struggling with issues that feel overwhelming and impact you even outside of the home?

Are you afraid that you are modeling behaviors and pattens for your children that are not preparing them for the type of future that you know they deserve?  Have you had that disappointing moment in which you feel that you may be failing as a parent or spouse or perhaps both?  The concept of family has evolved over the years. As concepts evolve and family dynamics expand, there is one thing that remains consistent.  Family is what you make of it.

The therapists here have experience working with families that have endured long-standing recurring conflict, dysfunction, disruption and even trauma.  Successful interaction is necessary for any family to truly thrive.  Our therapists will aid you in having an objective understanding of the hidden rules that govern and guide the functioning of your family.  Our therapists work with you and your family to develop the type of supportive structure that provides stability and emotional health for all family members.