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This service is designed for those individuals or companies that understand the importance of investing in outstanding leaders.

This service is designed for those individuals, companies, or organizations that truly understand the importance of investing in and cultivating outstanding leaders.

Intellection’s Leadership Consulting strengthens executives, managers, team leads, and those in positions of leadership or authority by supplying psychological approaches to cultivating excellence in others.

This programming differs from that which you may find with other consultants by applying a unique blend of philosophy, psychology, and proven integrated leadership ideas in such a way that it will both inspire and provide new insights to even the most seasoned leaders on your teams.

The use of proven therapeutic techniques and psychological concepts will help in developing emotionally healthy work environments that will improve team morale, attendance, productivity, and slow churn to near zero. Each consultation package is specific to your organizational needs. The Intellection Leadership Consulting program is delivered through on-site workshops, remote workshops, seminars, webinars, and other delivery formats.

How do we produce measurable results that are not another motivational stage performance?

We produce measurable results with a unique approach that makes use of psychological theory, neurobiology, strategic diplomacy, and human relations. In short, the tools, plan, and follow-up deliverables that ensure your organization is able to take theory and fully implement it.


Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Forming Genuine Relationships
  2. The Work Self vs. Real Self Fallacy
  3. Appointed Leaders vs. Anointed Leaders
  4. The Winning of Hearts and Minds
  5. The Cultivation and use of Charismatic Leadership
  6. Attendance Management
  7. Understanding How Humans are “Truly” Motivated
  8. Creating a Culture
  9. Becoming the Boss that Teams Admire

Benefits to Companies and Organizations:

  1. Increased inter-office collaboration.
  2. Established cooperation that is uninhibited by office politics.
  3. Improved employee attendance.
  4. Increased employee retention rates.
  5. Aided evolution of managers to leaders.
  6. Increased ability to fluidly implement organizational change.
  7. Increased employee and management morale.

Benefits to Individuals:

  1. Improved communication skills.
  2. Increased knowledge of human behavior and decision making processes.
  3. A new skill set that will allow you to influence and inspire those around you.
  4. Knowledge that will allow you to create your own personal brand in order to self-package your image and market to those you desire to influence.