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Marital and Couples Counseling

Let Intellection Counselors Help You
Through Your Trauma

Have you reached a point in your marriage or partnership that seems to be filled with more conflict than cooperation?

Do you often find yourself saying that, “relationships should not be this much work?”  Of course all relationships will experience times of difficulty and perhaps times when it seems that there is no clear path to resolution.  The key is finding professionals that are able to work beyond the blame and give the guidance you need to be successful in partnering.

The therapists here know that marriage and committed relationships can be some of the most important alliances that you make in your life.  Learning how to effectively communicate with your partner will be a critical skill in building an environment that is fertile for productive growth and reconciliation.  One thing is for certain, that a solution-oriented approach requires therapists that are able to help in healing, compromise, and realistically addressing the personal needs of each individual.  Effectively done, Couples Counseling is not simply another venue to rehash and reargue issues of the past.  Our therapists will provide you with the tools, the education, and the self-accountability to build the relationship that you envisioned.