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Life Coaching

Coaching is recommended for those that are looking for less intensive guidance in assisting them to enhance their own personal performance.

Are you considering coaching options as a bit less intensive than weekly therapy sessions?

Are you seeking guidance in enhancing your personal performance?  The world’s most elite performers continue to seek out world class coaches. For individuals and teams, coaches can be instrumental in giving that edge that is necessary to bring the performance or success that had previously proven elusive.

Coaching is not therapy while they do share some similarities. The primary similarity is that coaching, like therapy, is a collaborative process that takes place in the mind of the client under the direction of a coach or guide. Coaching by a trained psychotherapist holds many benefits as opposed to engaging with a coach who has not been adequately trained or credentialed.  A coach that has a solid background in psychology as well as a keen understanding of human behaviorism is a powerful ally in developing a sound strategy to achieving personal excellence.  The therapists here know that the days of apprenticeship are largely gone but that life doesn’t come with an easy to follow guidebook full of answers and inspiration.  Allow us to bring our tools and experience in assisting you in building the best version of yourself.