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Julia Braun


Every person is important. Every person deserves to be respected. Every person deserves to be heard. I want my clients to develop a strong sense of identity and confidence in their own abilities. I have gained an appreciation for people and their needs regardless of their backgrounds due to having years of experience working in various settings such as corporate America for a Fortune 100 company as well as an established mental health organization. Along with this, I have extensive experience traveling internationally and was raised in a family of several mental health professionals.

After receiving my master’s degree, pursing my life’s goal to make a difference in the world and empowering others is now a reality. Helping others rethink and rebuild to become successful, stable individuals as they navigate through difficulties in life is my passion. I have had extensive experience dealing with individuals who have survived trauma.

Along with my professional life, I enjoy spending time with my husband of six years as we work to reach our goal of visiting 100 countries. You can also find me spending my time spending time with my golden retriever, creatively playing music, cooking and painting.