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Joni Bridgefarmer


I believe that healing begins with the acceptance of our own humanity. In the rawness of our pain, we learn how to find compassion for ourselves and others. In counseling, not only will we explore the nature of suffering, but also the rewards for enduring this suffering. I offer a holistic approach to treatment that will provide you with tools, training, and education on how to create and maintain a balanced mind, body, spirit, and sexuality. My background as a special education teacher has taught me that all people learn and approach life differently, and therefore you deserve an individualized plan for treatment. By utilizing a hybrid experience with in person and telehealth counseling, I will give you a unique opportunity that will offer emotional safety, freedom and consistency in treatment. Come to me with all your burdens in place, and I’ll help you leave them at the door. Schedule your initial video session today to find out how we can get you where you want to be!