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Johannah Song

MS, NCC, LPC, EMDR Trained

I believe our identities are constantly adapting to our environment; our brains have the innate ability to both protect us and help us move forward from trauma; and that each individual’s perspective is their reality. I strive to honor your reality and serve as your guide to build a sense of agency and autonomy over your life. I place a strong emphasis on self-advocacy in the form of boundary setting, assertive communication, and collaborative treatment planning. You know yourself in your most authentic form, you know what you need better than I do, and you deserve a safe place to honor your voice.

I specialize primarily in teens and their families, religious trauma, racial and gender identity exploration, and domestic violence. I offer multiple therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, DBT, sandtray, multicultural and systems-based, psychoeducational, and career counseling, and will work together with you to create your individualized treatment plan.

As a woman of color I understand the importance of an environment free of judgment and allowing you to voice your needs and feelings without the input of others. I will accept who you are unconditionally and help empower you to move towards self-improvement as your brain is naturally designed to do.