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Erin Manning

MeD, LPC-Associate
'Supervised by Bryant Guidry-LPC-S'

Thank you for being here. I applaud you for the step that you have taken towards forming better relationships and manifesting a better you. Perhaps your life has become unmanageable from general life stressors, or you may be trying to work through trauma and heal from past experiences. Or maybe you’re wanting to learn skills to increase your quality of life in the future. Wherever you are in your mental health journey, I will meet you where you’re at. I will not promise an easy road, but I will respect and empower you each step of the way.

As your counselor, my goal is to meet your unique needs and provide a safe environment where you can openly talk about struggles and create solutions for a better future. I have worked with a variety of different issues, and I know that there is not a one size fits all approach. I will individualize the approaches I use in order to best meet your needs.

This is a brave step that you have taken, and I am happy that you are here. Reach out today to get your first session scheduled. I look forward to working with you!